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NEXT MEETING:  Monday 8th May at St Joan's Centre, Tilford Road. 7.30-9.30  Emma Dunbar: Acrylics  


9.30-5.00 daily except Sunday 16th 11.00-5.00 and Saturday 22nd 9.30-3.00 in the James Hockey gallery at UCA, Farnham.    

A really special occasion to mark this anniversary with works from some of our founder members including Sir John Verney, James Hockey, Arthur Hackney, Ursula McCannell, Harold Cheesman, Robin Ball, Henry Hammond, Paul Barron, Ben Franklin and Keeble Smith. Looking forward to seeing you there! Preview on Monday 10 April



Patty Burt and Lindsay Goolding-Berry report on their exhibition...

David Paynter would like to invite members of FAS to visit this year's Open Studio show - 'Art & Soul 2017' - from 3 to 18 June.  The attached invitation lists the 23 artists whose work will be shown in my studio, gardens and woodland of his house near Haslemere.   There will be around 100 works on show - sculpture, ceramics, glass, paintings and drawings.  All are welcome  Invite page 1  Invite page 2







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319 CERAMICS;   Upcoming workshops   

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Farnham Public Art Trust:  For more information ring 01252 702449 or go to www.farnhampublicarttrust.co.uk.                                             

East Street/Brightwells JR crowdfunding update:  Dear FTA Colleagues,  You may be aware of the Crowdfunding initiative supported by The Farnham Society amongst others, to fight for a Judicial Review into the Brightwells/East Street scheme.  Now we have received an email from that Society as the campaign is half way through its 30 day duration and there is a target value to be reached to enable the initiative to continue afterwards.  You and perhaps your friends and family may well be prepared to help further.  The fourth paragraph of their brief statement is particularly important; it emphasises that the case is no longer about Farnham, it affects any group, nationally that wants to take legal action.  Thank you,  Anne Cooper
Urgent Update - The crowdfunding initiative, to support the campaign for a Judicial Review into the Brightwells development, has 15 days to go of its 30 day duration. And it is more than half way towards its target of £5000. But pledges will not be called in unless that target is reached by the end date of 8 December.  Can you help to continue directing people to the website so that they can support the campaign and reach the target in time? The link to the case is www.crowdjustice.org/case/farnham-brightwells-development   OR 
www.crowdjustice.org and click on CASES.  Please help by emailing the link to colleagues, friends or family members who might support the case. If you use Facebook or Twitter, you could post a request asking your followers for support.  Remember, the case is no longer simply about a development in the centre of Farnham. Waverley are challenging the right of council tax payers to take their local authority to court. This case affects any group nationally wanting to take legal action, for example on fracking or the expansion of Heathrow. This appeal needs nationwide support to stop the authorities from suppressing legal action by interest groups.  Thank you for your support. 
Enquires to Simon Bradbury, email sfbrads@btinternet.com

ART-K — Children's art club:  I am the Creative Director of art-K which is an art club for children 6-16 years old in Ashtead, Surrey. We have 140 children attending weekly.  art-K is unique as we run exciting projects that are appropriately developmental for each child. The parents are amazed by the results and the children are so proud to take home their work. The projects cover a wide range of media for example acrylic, oil, watercolour, inks, canvas, clay, papier mache to name a few!    The children aren’t separated based on age so art-K is a safe, non-competitive environment. The younger children have the opportunity to see the work the older children do and gain inspiration for the future.   We are looking for like minded people to carry out our art project using our programmes in different parts of the UK. If you know of anyone who might be interested in setting up an art club with our support I would be grateful if you could pass this on.   If you would like to find out more we would be delighted to come and talk to your group and bring along some samples of the children's work, if only for a few minutes. I am sure you will be impressed!   Kind regards, Kathryn Harper    https://vimeo.com/183276861 Please copy this link into your search bar to see a short video about life at art-K. 

BADGER PRESS:  (courses)

MARILYN ALLIS WORKSHOPS: (see details here)




NOA : call for entries closing date 9 July

THE BIG ART SHOW:  Letter from David Dawkins regarding Show On Line.  Entry Form.   



THE TATE:  Hockney at the Tate

UCA — JAMES HOCKEY & FOYER GALLERIES / CRAFT STUDY CENTRE:  For news of exhibitions and events see their website      

THE WATTS GALLERY:     What's on 

THE MALL GALLERIES:  What's on                Calling all Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers


THE ROYAL ACADEMY::    For news of exhibitions and events see their website     Winter 2016

THE TATE:  info on all Tate Exhibitions      

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Monday 28 November 2016 — AGM:  See here for the results of the vote.

Monday 7 November 2016 - Cityscape in Acrylics Demonstration by Soraya French:   Really informative,

exciting and colourful demo this evening with Soraya French! 


Monday 7 March 2016 — Movement and Colour, a demonstration with Jamel Akib.  Fast action, seascapes, life drawing, portraiture, and costume were all covered in the demonstration tonight by Jamel Akib. Members watched in awe as they were shown construction and preliminary outlines along with tonal studies in pastels and finally an oil painting made with minimal marks but glowing with colour and movement.  See is a sample of Jamel's seascapes.  For further information on Jamel see his website on www.jamelakib.com and learn about his classes on www.crossbarnart.com

Seasonal Thoughts from your Chairman:   FAS Christmas 2016    Chairman's Log : ARTdate : XII.2016

Hello Artists, 

Being well through the Season where our Goodwill is extended on almost all sides, and our feelings are as soft as a Seurat drawing, our intentions and resolutions move inexorably towards the New Year where our optimism is indeed boundless - what is there to worry about in this world?

So a time to look both forward and back, paying due homage to Janus, double headed Roman god of Beginnings and Endings.   Reviewing the past year, there are many good things - the high standard of work in the Annual Exhibition (hardly a surprise); many positive comments on the show and the new hanging style; many successful workshops and demonstrations and increased use of the website.

The not so good includes the rather sparse support for the Monday night demonstrations and the AGM.  My maths is pretty dodgy, but if a vote is taken taken with less than 15% of the membership in attendance, even a unanimous count is hardly a resounding mandate!   Maybe we should take all votes by email in future to ensure a representative decision??!!

Anyway, looking forward we have the 70th Annual Exhibition in April, a great milestone to be celebrated.   One aspect of the celebration will be to make it open to all members (exhibiting and non) to be judged in the normal way by invited judges.  Other aspects will be to gather work / memorabilia from the past and hopefully exhibit them also.   Several members have already started on this and if you have anything relevant or any ideas, please contact me in the first instance.

Finally, it being the Season of Parables, I found this one in an old Christmas Cracker and it seemed strangely relevant.

"And it came to pass that it was once more The Season of Annual Planning, whereby all Artists must decide upon their Cunning Strategy for becoming a Great Success and Genius in the coming year.   In a low tavern, in their habitual corner, Three Wise Artists did discuss The State of the Art World and how The Times They Are A Changing (for indeed they were fans of our esteemed Nobel Laureate).

"Lo, I am sore vexed by these new developments" quoth one.   "Indeed, 'tis not like the Old Days" replied another, wiping beer from his Artists Beard (Augustus John official model).   "Verily, I am without the foggiest as to the future" spake the third, quaffing the last of her Gin.   

And lo, while they did whinge among themselves after this fashion, there suddenly appeared to them in a great blaze of Naples Yellow, a wondrous ArtAngel, carrying the Brush of Beauty and the Palette of Truth.   In a voice both sweet and magnificent, it spake unto the Wise Artists thusly;

"For inasmuch as ye care for Art and its Future, I do command ye to rise up and go follow the Art Drone which shall appear before ye.    Cease not thy journey though the way be hard until ye arrive at the hamlet of Farnham in the province of Surrey, a place much beset by too much money and too little appreciation of the healing power of Art.   When ye arrive, ye shall seek out Farnham Art Society, a venerable institution which now doth face Times of Trouble.   It doth make magnificent works to glorify the World and its Doings but of late an evil sprit hath blinded their eyes to what even venerable institutions need in order to exist in the real world.   The Spirit of Volunteering hath been hidden from their souls and without this, their works shall wither as husks in the desert and their Annual Exhibition, which all do proclaim as indeed a wonder, shall be no more and be nought but a distant memory to be mourned and wept over in times to come.   Yes, I bid thee tell the Artists of Farnham that they must take up their Kolinskys and become a Secretary or Exhibition Organiser lest their dreams of aesthetic glory turn to dust and vanity.   Indeed, if it goeth on in this wise, then shall FAS (as it be known) become as the legendary Norwegian Blue Parrot - an ex- Society, a society painting pictures invisible in the great atelier in the sky.   Or shall Amalgamation with similarly afflicted societies be mooted by Concerned Members, for the province hath indeed been visited by a plague of incomplete committees.   Verily it is well known that this doth lead to Things Not Getting Done, Opportunities Missed, and indeed The Making Of Mistakes for it is true that Artists are also uman (after a fashion).   

At this the Three Wise Artists were sore afraid and thought much upon this dark vision worthy of Caravaggio in his final years, and did resolve to travel to this benighted place where they would do their best to preach the Gospel of Volunteering for the Committee, striving to save FAS to produce Many Great and Noble Works for Punters with Cash or Art Cognoscenti as they are known in the Province of Surrey."

As I said, uncannily relevant.   I hope it falleth not on stony studios.   

Finally, I wish You and Yours a Wondrous 2017.

Bestest,  Ronnie

AUCTION OF JILL FERGUSON'S ARTWORK:  Just to let you know that the auction of the late Jill Ferguson's artwork yesterday (21.10.2016) at her home in Castle Street (as previously advertised on our website) raised over £5000 inclusive of giftaid for Cancer Research UK which, despite the sad circumstances, was a very heartening result and occasion and a fitting farewell from all of us to her and her lovely home.   Well done to all who attended especially Simon Tonking, Jills cousin and his family who organised the event – and well done to Jill for painting as she did and bringing us all together.

For further information on Jamel see his website on www.jamelakib.com and learn about his classes on www.crossbarnart.com

Rosemary Miller SWA:  Congratulations to Rosemary Miller who was elected as a full member to The Wapping Group of artists yesterday.  The group which formed in 1946 has never had a woman member until now.

Shirley Slocock:  Congratulations to Shirley who was invited last year, together with other botanical  artists worldwide,  to submit a painting of Trachycarpus fortuneii (Chusan palm) to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and was fortunate to have it accepted.  It now appears in their book, The Florilegium, and will be included in their exhibition to celebrate 200 years in existence.  The exhibition is entitled Florilegium: Sydney’s painted Garden and will be open from 30 July until 30 October this year at the Museum of Sydney.  It is hoped that it will also be mounted at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew Gardens, in 2018.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Help save art and design education for future generations.             In a report by NSEAD (the National Society for Education in Art and Design) on art, craft and design education in the last 5 years, responses from schools included showing a decrease in the time allocated for art and design; a fall in levels of art and design attainment reached by pupils joining secondary school, i.e. at primary level; and 93% of teachers agreed that Ebacc (the English Baccalaureate) had reduced opportunities for students to select art and design at Key Stage 4 (GCSE).                 The Department of Education is planning to make the EBacc all but compulsory in all schools. The Ebacc has no provision for any of the arts or design. If these plans become a reality, there would be little, if any room left for pupils to study creative industry relevant subjects and the arts could be squeezed out of schools altogether. Our future designers, engineers, architects would probably only come from private schools. Is that what we think is right?                 A national campaign was launched last year and is still continuing. You can find it at: www.baccforthefuture.com            Almost 78,000 people and organisations – such as the Royal Academy, the Craft Council, various universities, art colleges, drama and music schools as well as businesses – have already signed it. They need 100,000 to trigger a full parliamentary debate. If you agree that all children need a rounded education and the opportunity to develop their full potential, please consider adding your name.    UPDATE:  Elizabeth Bagnall says:  Great news.   100,000 signatures has been reached!  We are now arranging to see Jeremy Hunt to make sure he knows how strongly his constituents feel about this so that he votes the right way when the time comes.


VAL PUNTER NEWPORT RIP —  A Tribute to my friend, artist Val Punter Newport by Susan Everitt

My dear friend Val died last June 2016, one week before her 64th birthday.  We had both grown up as children in Boundstone, and became friends at Weydon School with our shared obsession for drawing and animals!  Dick Lilley, the inspirational art teacher at Weydon, helped to develop our drawing and painting skills, encouraging us to try subjects other than animals! We went to Saturday morning art classes run by him, and after leaving school, we attended evening adult education art classes under the expert tuition of Peter Rees Roberts, who introduced us to exciting new media and techniques.

At this point our lives diverged to some extent, although we always remained close friends. My painting was put on the back burner, but Val continued to attend classes and painting groups, managing to fit these in with her busy working life, looking after and riding her horse, as well as her many other interests.

She became an exhibiting member of the Farnham Art Society many years ago and Val encouraged all her friends to go to the Annual Exhibition every year, where she would help man the desk.  We loved spotting her paintings on view, as well as enjoying the whole exhibition.  She also helped to organise and contribute to  local exhibitions of her various painting groups over the years.  These were always keenly attended by her family, many friends and acquaintances.

Once I retired, I took up painting again, re-joined the Art Society, and took pleasure in accompanying Val to workshops and demonstrations.  We enjoyed going to a couple of 'plein aire' painting days ran by Rick Holmes.  Val was always very supportive and encouraging of her fellow painters, and even in the final weeks of her illness, when I sent her photos of my work via email, she was happy to make gentle 'critiques'.

I miss Val greatly, as someone to share my love of art, horses, reading, reminiscences ...  I am sure there are members of the Art Society who knew Val well and miss her smiling face.   Ken, her beloved husband, is finding her loss devastating but hopefully, eventually will be able to look back with happy memories on their life together.  He was very much involved with her painting, being the supportive labourer, helping with exhibitions and carrying her materials, so that she could concentrate on the art!

GEOFFREY AINLEY RIP - It was with great sadness we report recent death of Geoffrey Ainley.  He was a much admired artist, committee member and supporter of local art societies including Farnham, Odiham, Bentley and Fleet. He was a purist in his watercolour paintings and his favourite subjects centred around aviation and railways. He exhibited around the Southeast and London where his work was much admired and appreciated. He was a member of the Society of Aviation Artists and won many awards. Obituary from The Telegraph
Funeral on Tuesday 15th November at Christ Church, Galley Hill Road, Church Crookham, Fleet GU 52 6 LH
Afterwards, North Hants Golf Club, Minley Road, Fleet GU51 1RF.  No flowers please but donations to 
Macular Society c/o AWGoddard, Funeral Directors, Kent Road, Fleet, GU51 3AJ

GILLIAN FERGUSON  RIP  — Farnham Art Society ex-Chairman, dear friend, fellow artist and committee member Gillian Ferguson died on the 11 March following a long illness. Jill was also a former Waverley council leader, Civil Servant for the MOD and Government Adviser.  Her funeral service was held at St Andrews Church, Farnham on Friday 8 April at 12 noon when her cousin Simon gave a fitting and memorable tribute to Jill.  Donations were made in her memory to 'Cancer Research UK' and sent to H C Patrick & Co Funeral Directors, 86-87 East Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7TP.  She will be remembered with much affection (Farnham Herald Obituary)

MOLLY DINWIDDIE RIP — I am writing to let your long-standing members know that Molly Dinwiddie, 94, passed away peacefully on 9th January 2016, after a long and happy life painting and drawing. The Farnham Art Society was a major interest throughout her retirement from a career in Occupational Therapy. A Service of Thanksgiving will be held at St Andrew's Church, Farnham, at 4pm on Monday, 1st February. Friends of Molly's are most welcome to join us. Kind regards, Sarah Dinwiddie. sarahdinwiddie@hotmail.co.uk

PETER FOREY RIP —  A final goodbye to a lovely man, talented painter and good friend.  Dear friends ,   We hope that we have managed to contact all of you to tell you that Peter Forey sadly passed away last Thursday.    We would be pleased if you could join us at Aldershot Crematorium (Guildford Rd, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4BP) at Wednesday 10am, January 27th for his funeral service and then to celebrate his life at The Heron on the Lake, Old Cove Road, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 2RY, from 11am onwards.   If you are wondering about dress code, you may know Peter never possessed a suit, so we don’t expect you to wear one either!  We ask that flowers are limited only to close family but if you would like to make a donation please feel free to do so via the following donation site; set up for the Woodland Trust following Peter’s wishes    http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/SomeoneSpecial/PeterForey.           We know that Peter was part of several societies therefore should you wish to forward these details to further friends then please feel free. We look forward to seeing you to celebrate Peter’s life and sharing some fond memories together.  Pam, Simon and Kim Forey


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